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Low impact streetwear

CultureCulture (est. 2018 Amsterdam) creates streetwear without any BS greenwashing. 

Our equation is straightforward: make cool, long-lasting clothes with the lowest environmental impact possible. Amsterdam inspired pop culture meets responsibility, easy as that.

True story

CultureCulture was born in 2018. Our roots are in Amsterdam, then just a small side project between two friends. Before starting CultureCulture, Jonas and David were (and very much still are) running two German YouTube channels: Simplicissimus and 2 Bored Guys.

At the beginning, we were just two (bored) guys in love with Amsterdam - our home of choice. It’s a place full of museums, culture, coffee shops (both types), clubs and next level swag lords. It's hard to think of a place more aesthetic and inspiring. CultureCulture is a reflection of everything that excites us, starting with Youtube and funny stuff we found on the internet. Now, the brand has grown into a creative outlet fueled by the city and all the cultures that surround it. 

From there, we teamed up with an on-demand printing service, Teespring (buuuh).

We created our first designs in After Effects (because little YouTube brains cannot handle Illustrator). Literally all the rest (sourcing the textiles, printing, handling the payments, sending items to the customer etc.) was handled by Teespring. This gave us limited creative freedom. We also couldn’t ensure that the supply chain kept up to our own standards, environmentally and ethically. So we cut ties with Teespring and decided to move on independently, but this time doing it right.

Straight up, producing on our own was a shit show. We were absolute noobs and completely underestimated how complex the fashion industry is. We had no idea what a techpack was, or how much half a ton of organic cotton costs, we didn't know a single supplier, let alone responsible ones who would meet our needs. Let’s just say, we were lost af. 

As CultureCulture grew, we gained more experience. We assembled a team of truly talented people and found trusted suppliers all over Europe.

The YouTube gang proved to be strong. The viewers became the first-ever CultureCulture customers. That feeling, when someone buys and chooses to support your work is unmatched, not gonna lie! Thanks for all the love and support since day one <3

Our name

From the get-go, the idea behind CultureCulture was simple - create responsible, accessible clothes that are an ode to pop culture. Spanning from movie references and classic art to music lyrics, CultureCulture has always been a reflection of the things that excite us.


Fast fashion sucks. Actually the entire industry is pretty shit. That’s why we want to do it differently. We keep responsibility at the forefront of all our decisions, every step of the way - from sourcing to designing and production to shipping and handling. We just don’t want to ruin our planet, that’s it.