A little

It's been a bit silent on our side, but we've been busy implementing some exciting changes. We're changing the way we produce, to be able to drop way more new stuff. The changes also align better with our responsibility efforts and this way we don't have to increase prices because of inflation too much.

The biggest and most noteable change we're implementing, is that new drops will be produced on demand. This means we'll only produce the items once you order. This means the delivery time will be slightly longer (3-4 weeks). To facilitate this, items of new drops can be purchased for a limited time only.

Some more answers

No. We've found new ways to still deliver high quality, sustainable products, but also only produce the amount we need.

Please never ever buy two items just to try them on. That's quite bad for the planet (and for small businesses like ours). To make size selection as easy as possible, we put together a super easy sizing guide (it includes a really easy method to choose your size) and offer exact measurements of our items on the product page.

Working with limited-time availability windows allows us to produce just the amount of items we need. While this does impact delivery times slightly, we believe it's more important to prevent overproduction than having your item within 5 days. And we of course still work with sustainable fabric and printing techniques. You can read everything about our responsibility efforts here.